Icons for observations and species

Observation and species properties

Icon Description
exotic / naturalized / incidental import
obscured / hidden / embargo
has one or more sounds
has one or more photos
has notes
has comments
group composition
counting method
observation method

Rarity status

Icon Description
relatively common
very rare

Validation statuses

Icon Code Short description Long description
O unknown Observation has not yet been validated.
J accepted (with evidence) Observation is convincingly documented with image or sound, or has been approved by an appointed rarities committee.
P accepted (plausible) Observation is accepted based on expert's knowledge (distribution, experience, previous observations) or other available information, but without documentation with image or sound.
A accepted (automatic validation) Accepted by automated rules based on validated observations, or by image recognition.
I pending Pending validation. In lists only visible for validators and for the observer.
N rejected Observation does not meet criteria for validation, has been rejected by an appointed rarities committee, or documentation shows different species. In lists only visible for validators and for the observer.
U cannot be validated (yet) Observation cannot be validated (yet) because of insufficient documentation, because validators could not agree, because observer has expressed uncertainty, or because a rarities committee has yet to reach a decision.

Actions on your observation

Icon Description
edit observation
add photo to observation
add sound recording to observation
external link / ask help from forum members including photos and remarks
ask help from image recognition
email observer
delete observation
hide photo
Submit to rarity committee

In species seen

Icon Description
Show observations on map.
Show statistics.
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